Aegis Commerce Solutions, Inc offers a wide range of partner opportunities starting with a simple referral agreement to providing the code base to address unique business needs of each partner. Our goal is to work with partners to simplify and shorten the time to market for each opportunity.

The BizOps ERP system is designed to enable data integration with legacy systems. When companies are interested in the next generation product we are the go to company to reduce cost and time to market.

Our staff is highly skilled in the latest technology innovations enabling data integration at the database and application code level. The complexity of integration is not visible to the end user. In the software business the real power of technology is ease of use.

Establishing a partnership with Aegis Commerce Solutions is the best path to a comprehensive and efficient solution that will scale with the ever changing needs of each of our clients.

Our direction is to work with partners to expand our market reach. Our partner programs include:

System Integration and Consulting

Aegis Commerce Solutions is building a base of system integration partners that can use our base code to provide custom solutions to their clients.

Solution Partners

We are continually integrating the BizOps ERP system with leading solutions providers to enhance our reach across markets

Distribution Partners

We are pursuing distribution partners that target specific vertical markets. We will customize BizOps to address your vertical market needs.