Advantage Services™ – Value added services to compliment your software solution
When you choose Aegis Commerce Solutions to provide your e-Store or Supply Chain Management solution, you are ready to realize the true promise of e-commerce. And when you complement the software solution with Aegis Commerce Solutions  Advantage Services, you have the added advantage of proven methodologies that ensure success. Our Advantage Services team is your complete “one-stop shop” – a resource that reduces your product implementation risk and ensures rapid deployment. We make it our goal to have you operating a fully functional, integrated EV-Store and Supply Chain Management solution that delivers significant return on investment – in less than 90 days.

Get your e-commerce solution up and delivering fast
The Aegis Commerce Solutions Advantage Services team is ready to deliver your e-Store or Supply Chain Management solution. Our customer-centric, six-step process makes for a seamless implementation and our core training programs and technical support ensure that users, administrators, and trainers get the know how they need to keep the system delivering. Aegis Commerce Solutions  hosting and call center services complete your end-to-end solution. If you’re looking for a no-risk, fast return solution from a single source, you’ll find it in Aegis Commerce Solutions  Advantage Services.


  • Fast deployment of your integrated e-commerce solution
  • E-commerce enablement for e-Store and supply chain management
  • Integration to key applications
  • Comprehensive software maintenance
  • Full account and project management