Slab Remnant Tracking In BizOps

Aug 28, 2017

The material cost for countertop fabricators on average is between 25 % and 50 % of the total cost per job. One of the primary reasons why the ultimate cost of material for each countertop is so high is because of waste. BizOps for Fabricators is a software system that enables fabricators to efficiently utilize waste/remnants.

BizOps enables the generation of post production remnants providing real time visibility into the available material, the material size, the lot number for all material, and the location of the material within the warehouse. Bizops for fabricators is a browser based software system enabling full access to the inventory control system via the use of mobile computers that have access to the internet via a browser.

Aegis Commerce Solutions, Inc, the provider of the Business Optimization System for Fabricators, BizOps. We have been working with fabricators for 14 years. Our goal from day one is to provide a software system that enables countertop fabricators to optimize all aspects of the business process flow from the creation of a quote, scheduling, inventory control, production control and delivery to the end consumer. Additionally, we are also integrated with the industry leading accounting systems, QuickBooks Enterprise and Sage 50.

To find out more information and schedule a demo of BizOps, please contact Aegis Commerce Solutions.