Aegis Commerce Solutions Customer-Centric approach to business has evolved to the creation of the Implementation Roadmap. With roots in the Order Management and Inventory Control business, Aegis Commerce Solutions  Inc. views every project as an opportunity for establishing a long-term relationship with our clients.  This is a result of our determination and ability to provide the highest levels of service and consistent quality.  Every project must conform to a pattern of service delivery requirements that institutionalizes quality control and project management.  We call this our Implementation Roadmap.

Our Implementation Roadmap encompasses six phases that are designed to enable Aegis Commerce Solutions to deliver solutions that meet or exceed the expectations of our clients. Our phases are as follows:

  • Access
  • Design
  • Software Development
  • Implementation/Training
  • Review
  • Support Transition

In each phase of our methodology we strive to thoroughly and completely understand our client’s business processes, goals and issues.  Our six-step process is designed to give both parties the comprehension needed to fully satisfy the project requirements and insure a successful implementation of the anticipated solutions.  More details on the phases of our engagement are provided below:

PHASE 1: Assess
In the assessment phase we endeavor to gain a high-level understanding of each project. We gather data with our clients to understand the nature of the business processes that will be affected through the use of automation.

PHASE 2: Conceptual Design
The purpose of the design phase is to identify a solution that meets our client’s requirements and objectives– given the financial resources and scheduling considerations of the project.

PHASE 3: Software Development
The purpose of the development phase is to refine the solution identified during the design phase so that all aspects of the project and related tasks are identified for integration. Normally, no additional software development work is required for our industry specific designed solutions such as Business Optimization System for the Marble, Granite and Solid Surface marketplace.

PHASE 4: Implementation/Training
The purpose of the implementation phase is to marshal all of the resources needed for the project and to complete the work to the customer’s satisfaction.  Once all the system assessments are finished, the solutions are implemented and training and knowledge transfer is established.

PHASE 5: Review
The purpose of the review phase is to examine Aegis Commerce Solution’s ability to achieve its goals, as well as maximize the value and utility of a project when it is turned over to the client.  In addition to verifying that the system meets expectations, one of Aegis Commerce Solution’s most valuable services is our willingness and ability to identify client practices that have a negative impact on the performance of their system. This enables clients to maximize the value of their system.

PHASE 6: Support Transition
The purpose of the maintenance phase of a project is to ensure a continuing level of system performance and client satisfaction. Aegis Commerce Solutions also makes periodic upgrades and performs regular maintenance of the system in light of the fast pace of innovation within the industry.