Frequently Asked Questions

What type of company needs this solution?
Our order management, fulfillment and procurement solutions are geared for mid-sized companies focused on distribution of goods, whether manufactured yourself or by third-parties. Any company hindered by multiple entry points of data, redundant reconciliation of information and manual processes that do more harm then good will benefit greatly.

How quickly can the solution be up and running in my business?
At Aegis Commerce Solutions , we pride ourselves on rapid implementation. Typically, system installation can be done in less than 90 days. Customization or other factors, however, may lengthen this time.

How is the solution priced?
The solution is purchased as a software license or as a service. For a license purchase an annual maintenance fee is required. For a service, there is a nominal installation fee, base monthly fee, and a user fee is added for additional users over the plan number. The Business-to-Consumer storefront module adds a small transaction fee to process orders.

Does this software replace all other software systems my company uses?
No. This software is designed to complement the business systems your company most likely has in place now. Accounting, Customer Relationship Management and Supply-Chain planning tools are among the software systems you probably use that will be complemented by our solutions. In addition, the system is modular, so its pieces can be added incrementally to suite your needs best.

How does Business Optimization System improve a company’s business processes?
Business Optimization System allows companies to offer accurate order processing, procurement and full visibility into their distribution processes. By effectively managing inventory control and billing processes, the solution helps our clients to rapidly increase efficiency and quickly realize a solid return on investment. Business Optimization System improves every aspect of a company’s order procedures.

How does Business Optimization System work?
Business Optimization System is web based and native to the Windows 2000 Server Platform and operates on the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database. It is accessible by any computer browser connected to the Internet and is an open-ended solution built for the way you work. Because you can access our solutions as a service, as an “outsourced IT department”, there is no need to increase overhead with investments in servers or IT personnel.

What is my Return on Investment (ROI) from Business Optimization System?
Return on Investment from implementing Business Optimization System is quite rapid. Estimates indicate that it costs 30% less to process electronic orders over mailed-in orders and 50% less than phone/fax orders. Using our shipping management reporting tools, clients can track their shipments and take advantage of the refunds carriers offer for the 3-5% of shipments they deliver late.

What type of computers do we need to run Business Optimization System?
The system resides on our servers and is accessed anywhere there is an Internet connection available. This means that most PCs and Macs can access and use the system quite easily. All that is required is a current version of an Internet browser. How do you ensure security of our data? To ensure the integrity of your data, all areas of the system that display or gather sensitive information use 128 bit SSL encryption. All sensitive data stored in our databases is in encrypted form. The system is permission-based, meaning only the users authorized to use the system can view data, and only in the roles they are assigned.