BizOps Value Proposition

  • Substantial Cost Savings
    Redundant processes not only waste time, they cost money. Aggregating all relevant order and fulfillment details succeeds in streamlining a company’s back-end operations, while shortening the time necessary to review, approve and reconcile purchase orders, account histories and inventory thresholds.
  • Significant Efficiency Gains
    Linking disparate software systems reduces the need for multiple re-entry of order information. Orders are entered only once by a sales person or directly by the customer via our storefront modules. By automating the exchange of information between existing business management systems, Business Optimization System reduces human errors while enhancing the communicative ability of a company departmentally and as a whole.
  • Rapid Deployment
    The Business Optimization System web-based design accommodates a number of data formats including XML. This allows for rapid integration and cost-effective implementation.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction Levels = Increased Retention Rates
    Customers can access order information 24/7 and track shipments not only by shipping unit but also by line item. Customer service reps have instant access to account profiles and order histories allowing them to more quickly and accurately respond to customers’ needs.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
    Since the Business Optimization System system is delivered as an “outsourced IT department” ASP solution, with low upfront and monthly fees, there is no need to support it with an in-house IT staff or costly investiture of hardware or database solutions. Research studies estimate the Total Cost of Ownership for ASP solutions to be between 30%-50% below those of traditional software licenses.
  • Gain a Competitive Advantage
    Few small to mid-sized companies have automated the information flow between their business management systems. They are therefore unable to deliver Fortune 1000 style cost analysis, communication and customer service as described above. Business Optimization System provides our clients with a significant competitive advantage over companies still mired in manual processes by freeing employees to focus on the customer and freeing existing personal to pursue revenue-generating activities