Catalog Management

Management of catalog pricing and specials can be an onerous and daunting prospect. The Business Optimization System solution facilitates adding and editing products and information through an easy-to-use interface. All product descriptions, pricing and images are uploaded for you upon installation. In addition, the Catalog Management engine makes editing and adding to your products simple. Categorizing products, adding attributes and changing pricing or product information is all accomplished through easy to use drop-down menus and hierarchical headings. Whether entering one product or a group of products, all tasks are organized on one page to keep you focused on selling, not updating.


  • Product database can be searched by category, sub-category, SKU number, keyword, manufacturer or availability.
  • Product attributes, pricing and descriptions can be edited with a single click.
  • Products can be marked as exclusive to specific customers.
  • Historical pricing data is stored for each product.
  • Suppliers can log in and access their product catalogs to enter and modify database information.