Customer Relations Management

The Business Optimization System system lies at the center of your company’s core commerce processes. Because of this, large volumes of information are collected and stored for your records. Business Optimization System aggregates all information regarding customer orders, interactions and payment histories and ties this data into a customer ID number for a rapid overview of customer traits. Glean valuable demographic information about customers through this storehouse of information to enhance your selling, marketing and customer service across all channels — call centers, the Internet, field reps and distribution networks. Improve customer service by managing all customer touch points in one centralized system, accessible by all company representatives.


  • Simple access to all customer interactions, from customer credit, order history and call center support.
  • Build customer profiles using “tickets” to record all customer preferences and contact notes and prioritize these tickets for rapid, accurate customer service response.
  • Add demographic information on customers to use for sales and marketing promotions, targeted specials and media campaigns.
  • Reduce customer service demand through email contact with customers, giving them all relevant information regarding their orders, from shipment date to tracking numbers.
  • Automate the returns process through Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) codes generated dynamically through the order system