Financial Tools

With any order management system, a robust finance component is necessary to ensure error-free transaction processing. Adjustments to customer credit and billing are all done instantly and dynamically. Industry estimates on the percentage of time the financial analysts in your company actually spend analyzing data is pegged at 35%! The remaining 65% of their time is spent reconciling and entering data that was already entered one or more times into other systems. Because Business Optimization System operates in real-time, and electronically transmits all financial data back into existing accounting systems –seamlessly and effortlessly — the time-savings and inherent value in freeing up employees to do the job they were hired for are unlimited.


  • Supports financial data back-up in a variety of formats by date and by information type.
  • Designed to compliment and augment your existing accounting software — not replace it.
  • Advanced reporting functionalities to drill down and view data in multiple combinations.
  • Full auditing capabilities.