Order Processing

To accommodate and fulfill a high volume of orders, whether from the phone, fax or the web, requires a system capable of storing and sorting information into easy to manage categories. The ability to adjust and manipulate order information on the fly is a must. This engine contains complete functionality for processing orders. For maximum usability, the majority of this functionality is centered in a single order detail screen, allowing everything that is needed to process an order to be carried out without moving back and forth between multiple screens.


  • Highly secure transactions through proprietary security technology and SSL 128-bit encryption.
  • Streamlined interface: Every bit of order data is contained in one page.
  • Full auditing capabilities and exact receipts.
  • Customer can check status of orders without calling your support department. Save orders for easy reordering.
  • Print packing slips and invoices directly from the system.
  • Save time by eliminating need to manually input customer orders.
  • Process orders from web storefronts, emails, fax and phone and update order information instantly.