Advanced Shipping

High-Volume inventory turnover is a sign of a healthy business, but the logistics involved in shipping, tracking and fulfilling products can quickly make a company mired in detail-orientated, time-consuming, labor-intensive and costly tasks. Augmenting your fulfillment technology with a robust group of services is essential to achieve optimal efficiencies in package expediting and ultimate reductions in operational costs. With this imperative in mind, Aegis Commerce Solutions offers an Advanced Shipping Module that has all the functionality of our standard Business Optimization System Shipping Engine, and much more.


  • Provides shipping cost from each warehouse to the destination, and determines the best warehouse to ship from, for each delivery time/region.
  • Pick-Pack-Ship Delay Time – the time required by the warehouse, once it receives shipping instructions, to pick-pack-ship the item. This allows the system to be more accurate concerning what ship-date to use in order to begin applying Delivery Date rules.
  • Order Confirmation Delay Time – The time required by the shipper, once it receives shipping instructions, to pick-pack-ship the item.
  • Display the actual shipping cost for various delivery dates.
  • Change any automatically-added profit margin on shipping.
  • Instruct the Buyer what their receipt dates will be for what price.
  • Enable the Buyer to make their own shipping decision based on when they want to receive shipment and what shipping cost they are willing to pay.
  • Integrated Label Printing at the Warehouse – works with the Shipper’s warehouse to print carrier-compliant shipping labels.
  • Tracking – After obtaining tracking number from the shipper, the system ties directly into any carrier that provides online tracking, and aggregates tracking information into the Business Optimization System system, regardless of the carrier or service utilized.
  • Auto-Auditing for Shipping Refunds – Realize a powerful return on your investment! The shipping module pulls received confirmation data for each carrier used, and generates reports allowing the Shipper to obtain refunds on packages that were guaranteed to arrive at a particular time, but did not. Statistics have shown that 3-5% of all packages arrive late!
  • Accommodates volume-based discount thresholds and resulting defaults for preferred shipper profiles.
  • Full support for Package Dimensional Weight (PDW) calculations.