Inventory Management

Any order system is useless unless it has the inventory features capable of supporting it. Knowing the stock levels of all items in all warehouses can be a daunting proposition, unless they are all linked together. With the Business Optimization System Inventory Management module, an unlimited number of warehouses and suppliers can be supported, and in conjunction with the Order Management module, real-time updating of inventory can be a reality. See, at-a-glance, inventory levels by warehouse, by supplier, total quantity needed, total quantity on hold, distinct products in stock and distinct products needed. Adding and removing inventory can be denoted either manually or through bar code or RF scanning of item attributes.


  • Deducts inventory the second an order is placed.
  • Issues Threshold alerts when inventory drops below predetermined levels.
  • Maintain accurate inventory levels across multiple warehouses and suppliers.
  • Can be integrated with Bar Code and RF technology from Zebra Technologies and Symbol Technologies.
  • Track acquisition costs and dates easily and immediately.